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This distribution is consistent with previous operational results of the SJT, as well as the use of the SJT in other contexts. You do not have to complete the Academic Foundation Programme to be eligible to apply for an academic clinical fellowship ACF at ST1 level as part of your specialist training e. Please read the FAQ regarding exceptionally low SJT scores and further assessment for more information about the standard required to remain in the process. It contains two question formats: rank five possible responses in order and select the three most appropriate responses. If you are graduating from a UK medical school, the score you achieve from your medical school performance will be supplied by your medical school and uploaded on to the online Foundation Programme Application System FPAS. Some applicants may be seriously affected by illness, bereavement or accident close to or on the day of the SJT. Therefore each measure exerts a similar weight on the total score and the rank awarded. The EPM comprises two elements: medical school performance in deciles for which points are available, and educational achievements, which are worth up to 7 points. Tied responses are not allowed if you tie two response options you will receive zero marks for each response option you tied. What happens if I do not pass my final exams and graduate as expected?

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    Visit this section regularly to see the new frequently asked questions posted. Our questions are split into groups to make them easier to view.

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    Application process for UK Foundation Programme (UKFP ) application, but they are required to take the SJT (see FAQ Q6 for.

    UKFPO say the SJT cannot be revised for (but can be prepared for).

    images ukfpo sjt faq page

    The creators of the SJT say it has been designed to eliminate any possible.
    Illustrative Machine Markable Answersheet. All applications should be submitted through the Oriel national online application system. There is a marking key with detailed explanations so you understand the rationale behind why some questions are ranked the way they are. Applicants will be ranked based on their interview score and offers will be made based on the interview score and in accordance with applicant preferences.

    The Foundation Programme SJT/EPM

    Your referees will be sent an email asking them to complete a structured online reference. Practising sample questions and getting used to the format and time pressures will help you to get the best possible score on the day. The length of AFPs vary considerably from standalone four-month blocks to integrated two-year programmes.

    Ukfpo sjt faq page
    Making the most of your own experiences in clinical rotations, you can gain an understanding of the reality of professional judgement and decision-making in clinical settings.

    images ukfpo sjt faq page

    It contains two question formats: rank five possible responses in order and select the three most appropriate responses. With regard to educational achievements, there are two parts to this: additional degrees and other educational achievements. You can link your FP application to that of another applicant to ensure you are both allocated to the same UoA, providing you both score highly enough to be allocated to the primary list.

    FAQs UK Foundation Programme

    If there are areas from the GMC guidance that you are unclear about, it can be really helpful to talk through potential issues with a junior doctor — they may have encountered similar situations in real life and can talk you through approaches they used to deal with it.

    You only have one opportunity to sit the SJT, with one date in December and another in Your medical school or the UKFPO Eligibility Office will provide information on a detailed explanation of the marking scheme in its SJT FAQs section.

    The UKFPO states the SJT is designed to “reduce the effects of coaching”, so take 2.accessed. Read our FAQs on applying to the foundation programme covering all the basics, submitting your application and information on the SJT.
    Another reason is that applicants to academic programmes have indicated that geography is the more important factor when selecting where to apply for the majority of applicants, followed by the type of academic programme on offer.

    I have previously applied to the Foundation Programme.

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    All supporting evidence must be provided at the time of application. Spending an extra 2 minutes to get the perfect answer may only increase your score for that question from 18 to 20 2 extra marks — whereas using that 2 minutes to answer another question will get you at least extra marks. Links will not be considered if either applicant accepts an AFP offer.

    Top Tips for the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) Geeky Medics

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    This does vary across the foundation schools. What happens if I do not receive any AFP offers? You will only have the option to provide details and evidence for one additional degree. Applicants will be withdrawn from the entire recruitment process on account of failure to book the SJT.

    Each deanery then ranks their applicants and allocates academic jobs on the basis of their individual scores.

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    1. Is an academic foundation programme AFP the only route into academic medicine? This is especially important for those who may have limited opportunity to explore their interest via a clinical placement.

    2. The EPM comprises three elements; medical school performance to date in deciles replacing previous quartilesfor which points are available; additional degrees, which are worth up to 5 points; and publications, for which up to 2 points are available. The number of questions with each lead in differs year on year so you are reminded to carefully read the instructions before recording your answers.

    3. So, if you mark an answer either one position higher or lower than the correct ranking, you will receive only three marks.