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For a low end knife the Rat II is surprisingly smooth. In pocket the knife rides low and stays where you want it to. Buy on Amazon. I totally agree. Enter the Rat II. Thanks for any suggestions and thanks for all of the time and effort invested in your reviews over the years that have been so helpful to me, and I am sure, countless others. Perhaps you know of something one of the better Chinese manufacturers offer, though like most, I prefer American made when possible. Thanks, Russ. The similarities are undeniable. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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  • Ontario RAT Model 2 Liner Lock Knife Black 3 inch Blade BladeHQ
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  • Ontario Knife OKC RAT Ii Sp-Black Folding Knife. The immensely popular RAT folders are among OKC's top selling products. Featuring versatile AUS Ontario Rat II Folder Coyote Brown.​ CRKT Jettison EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Utility Everyday Carry, Satin Modified Sheepsfoot.​ The RAT-2 SP features a black handle and 3 inch satin finished full flat tapered, plain edge blade.

    The immensely popular RAT folders are among OKC's top selling products.​ Featuring versatile AUS-8 stainless steel and a nylon handle, the RAT folder comes in a variety of styles including different blade and handle colors.​ The RAT folders are an ideal and affordable every day carry.
    The liner lock toggles easily but not too easily for quick closing, but in all the years I've carried it, it has never failed.

    You save. The plastic scales are comfortable. Dan is the creator of BladeReviews.

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    Otherwise, my small blades did yeomans duty. All the corners have been rounded, and a texture provides some feedback without being aggressive. He is recognized as an authority on daily carry knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design.

    images ontario rat ii knife

    Quick view Add to Cart. Thank you so much for taking the time out to stop by and leave such a nice comment.

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    One nit pick is that the handle scales are plastic. The jimping on the other hand is pretty aggressive. I hope that becomes your perfect knife.

    Thanks again. All said though, and this is a decent knife to work with.

    If you like the Ontario RAT Model 1, but want something a little less bulky, then you'll love the Model 2. The RAT Model II is based on the popular Model I. My hands-on review of the Ontario RAT II daily carry knife.

    Ontario Rat II Review

    Check out my detailed RAT II review before you buy this high value pocket knife by. Buy ONTARIO ON for $ - Ontario RAT Model 2 Folding Knife inch Satin Plain Blade, Black Nylon Handles at KnifeCenter.
    Quick view Add to Cart. Expect to see that review in the next couple weeks. For lock up, you have a robust liner lock.

    Ontario RAT Model 2 Liner Lock Knife Black 3 inch Blade BladeHQ

    The blade locks up tight and the lock bar disengages easily when you need it to. Thanks for the effort in helping me.

    Enter the Rat II.

    The bar should not stay locked every other time you open it. He is recognized as an authority on daily carry knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design. Learn how your comment data is processed.

    Ontario RAT II Folder Knife at

    With your guidance, I have recently acquired a Spyderco PM2, a Mini-griptilian, a Kershaw Blur and Skyline an attractive piece but it has lots of sharp corners to snag things when closedan Ontario Rat II and let me just say that sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

    The handle features textured black nylon 6 scales with an open-built steel linerlock frame This knife is designed for comfort and performance. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

    Buy Rat Series, The Ontario RAT2 Folding pocketknife series is a very manageable size for ever-day-carry. This series of folding pocket knives has a 3 blade. Ontario and Rat II Folder Knife is a smaller and shorter version of the RAT 1 knife and is ideal for small hands and everyday carry.

    The Ontario RAT 2 is quite possibly the best folding EDC knife you can buy for under $30 these days. Read my in depth review to find out why.
    I would appreciate any recommendations of slightly more affordable options that still embody all of the features the mnandi affords along with a bit more piece of mind should I lose it.

    First, thank you for your educational and insightful reviews. Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. Granted its not as sexy as some others but it certainly makes up for it in functionality and quality of construction.

    RAT II SP Black Handle

    I own both the Rat 1 and 2. A great review, no doubt!! This is a great size for urban EDC.

    images ontario rat ii knife

    Periodic table notebook size plastic sheets
    Rat 2 is a great urban EDC option and for the price you cant go wrong. The tip is plenty pokey for detail work while the bright satin finish is both attractive and corrosion resistant.

    It stays locked once open. Thanks again. I think I remember reading that both knives were from the same designer. The similarities are undeniable.

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    1. As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated. Sounds like the knife may be either damaged or defective.