Italian plum cake epicurious favorite


images italian plum cake epicurious favorite

I followed the directions completely, and I am an experienced baker. It was so moist and delicious. Remove side of pan and cool completely. Wonderfully delicious torte. This cake is the perfect way to use and enjoy summer stone fruits. I had a huge Italian plum crop this year and this recipe has been great to use up my plums. Added a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top! Simple yet sophisticated. Used spring form pan as recommended - no need to flip.

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  • The Times published Marian Burros’s recipe for Plum Torte every September from untilwhen the editors determined that enough was enough.​ Burros wrote a few years later, “the recipe was printed in larger type than usual with a broken-line border around it to encourage. Here are our favorite ways to serve the sweet-tart stone fruit.

    By Bake Italian plums in an eggy, anise-tinged, pancake-like batter for a simple.

    Chocolate Plum Cake recipe

    Use up overripe plums in this dark chocolate cake by turning them into a purée. Press plum wedges halfway into batter in concentric circles, spacing slightly apart​.

    Bake until cake is browned on top and tester inserted into center comes out clean, about 50 minutes. Simple and tasty way to profile the best of the harvest.
    It was so wonderful I had to try it myself. Plus the bits of plum in the batter that came in contact with the edges of the pan burned, so the cake smelled horrible cooking. The information displayed is Edamam's analysis of the recipe based on its ingredients and preparation, and should not be considered a substitute for professional nutrition advice.

    I followed the directions completely, and I am an experienced baker. I'm glad I bought so many Italian prune plums at my warehouse-type store, because I will be making another one of these cakes tomorrow!!!!

    images italian plum cake epicurious favorite
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    Be careful be careful not to under cook.

    I just mixed all the wet things in one bowl, dry in another and then mixed them together with the plums using a wooden spoon.

    Original Plum Torte Recipe NYT Cooking

    I used a normal round mould. Spread batter in prepared pan. It wouldn't be early fall without this recipe. So moist, so light!

    Deep dark chocolate and lush ripe plums make a sweet match in this decadent late summer dessert. Our Editor's 7 All-Time Favorite Chocolate Cakes · I used beautiful Italian plums which would be better idolized in a crumble.

    One of my friends said it was the best cake she'd ever had! I did somehow end up with way more plum than I could fit, but no issues other than that. I will make. It was originally called Fruit Torte. Also, my Italian plums were pretty big so I used 6 plums and quartered them. This is now our favorite dessert recipe!
    I really do not like plums very much but as I had some left lonely in the fruit bowl I decided to give this a go. My kids went crazy for this dessert - especially because I made it on a weeknight.

    Plum and Polenta Cake recipe

    We serve it with ice cream. Made it gluten free by substituting gluten free flour for the regular flour which I am not typically a fan of, but worked beautifully in this recipe. Buckles are aptly named: Fruit is baked along with a layer of cake batter that rises to the top, buckling as it cooks.

    I didn't need as many plums to cover the entire pan. I used the plums with the skins and the only difference I baked it in a spring form pan an inch larger than the one specified.

    images italian plum cake epicurious favorite
    Italian plum cake epicurious favorite
    It is easy and delicious - and since it uses only egg whites it's a great dessert when entertaining someone with cholesterol problems.

    images italian plum cake epicurious favorite

    I made this with a few routine substitutions of mine. Great 'crumb' feel in the mouth and not too sweet.

    I added the eggs one at a time and beat after each addition. Don't skimp on plums.

    Plum UpsideDown Cake recipe

    I dont really know what the rave is about, its just average, something to have with tea in the morning, not comparable to the other desserts on this site rated 4 forks. Its fairly rich so I would also have preferred it with ice cream or vanilla flavored greek yogurt instead of whipping cream.

    It's a great cake to make when summer fruit is abundant.

    images italian plum cake epicurious favorite

    may also want to consider using figs—one of my favorite fruits—or pitted sweet cherries. . I had always wanted to make an Italian Polenta cake, and when I saw one by Stanley Tucci. Buckles are aptly named: Fruit is baked along with a layer of cake batter that rises . I think it is best a little under cooked (ie minutes or so), to remain moist. I used prune plums for this so it took the whole amount asked for in the recipe.

    1 1/2 pounds Italian prune plums; 1 cup sugar; 3/4 cup hazelnuts; 1 1/4 cups and I liked the result, but it was far from being the best dessert I've ever had.
    Brandy, cinnamon, and lemon zest combine to give this tart unbelievable aroma and wonderful flavor.

    Related Video. Cherry plums are tarter than other plums and the tartness lent itself well to this recipe.

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    I don't want to rate this because everyone else was so happy with it, but just a warning. When the plums are out of season I'll try it with other fruit.

    images italian plum cake epicurious favorite
    I am making it again this weekend for a friend's birthday.

    Plum Torte recipe

    Katherine Sacks Epicurious September Related Video. The cake itself I found to be way too dry and the balance between cake and topping was off. Butter and flour a 9-inch springform pan. With the juices from the plum, it made for a bit of a mushy center.

    images italian plum cake epicurious favorite

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    1. Have made this twice - really delicious! I had to remove from oven and create a souffle collar from foil to prevent overflow.

    2. Oops, I have to go. Place the plum halves, skin side down, at even intervals on top of the batter.