Horrid henry goes swimming citvr


Add to. Mr Bean 10, views. Peter tells Henry what punctuality means. Peppa Pig Toy Videos 12, views. More Report Need to report the video? But the piece of cereal on his foot fell down and Henry ate it. Please try again later. Horrid Henry's Time Machine. Henry came into the kitchen and asked Mum about swimming, Henry said, he not being like a fish.

  • Horrid Henry Goes Swimming is the fifteenth Episode in season 1 Henry tries to come up with a good excuse to get out of his hated swimming lesson, but will his​. We continue to work on a new long term.

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    Peter tells Henry what punctuality means.

    Cartoons for Kids 3, views. Too Much Noise! He give Henry green swimming pants and tell to hurry. YouTube Premium.

    images horrid henry goes swimming citvr
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    Horrid Henry 2, views. Soggy Sid yells Henry to swim like everyone else, so Henry was trying to swim faster by use his legs under water instead of using it up ways but Soggy Sid yells again not swimming instead walking, everyone laughs again.

    images horrid henry goes swimming citvr

    Henry warns Margaret to look out for the shark. Henry tells his plan to Ralph that he forgets his swimming clothes. Henry talks to Andrew and says that the shark had escaped from the aquarium, He told them that it was super intelligent mutant shark and its heading to the swimming pool.

    Henry was in the swimming pool at night.

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    images horrid henry goes swimming citvr

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    images horrid henry goes swimming citvr

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    -- Henry? (火) And he survived a horrific shipboard accident a few years ago when his.
    Henry opens the window at the end and throws all of the students swimming clothes on the road.

    Henry was having a nightmare at the swimming pool again. Contents [ show ]. Too Much Noise!

    Henry was walking home and had the best day ever because Soggy Sid had to cancel it because nobody had there swimming clothes.

    images horrid henry goes swimming citvr
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    The next video is starting stop.

    When suddenly a shark came by and got close to Henry. Henry got an idea and tells Andrew a lie about the Shark escape from the sewer system and end's up to the pipe hiding in the deep end.

    Everyone was at the pool in their swimming clothes exact for Henry ready to learn with Soggy Sid. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdomviews New. Next episode. Henry was in the swimming pool at night.

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    1. Andrew was wearing his inflatable ring looking out for the shark and almost hit Henry, Henry tells him to watch where he going. The Berenstain Bears - Official 1, views.