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Utility Devices that include the low profile antennas of the invention may be employed in a variety of different applications, including both therapeutic and non-therapeutic applications. With implantable and ingestible medical and related technologies, there is always a desire to make the devices smaller, e. This distance may vary, and in certain embodiments ranges from about 0. For example, an identifier, which may or may not be encapsulated in a biocompatible compliant material, e. Also of interest dissolved hydrogen in a hydrogen reduction reaction. The low profile antenna can therefore have a first configuration e. As reviewed above, the signals emitted by the signal generator may be generic or unique signals, where representative types of signals of interest include, but are not limited to: frequency shift coded signals; amplitude modulation signals; frequency modulation signals; etc.

  • New pill technology tracks your health
  • Low Profile Antenna for in Body Device Proteus Digital Health, Inc.
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  • New pill technology tracks your health

    Proteus Discover is a Digital Medicine offering that measures medication treatment effectiveness and helps physicians improve clinical outcomes Learn More. Together, with leading health systems and pharmaceutical companies, we're this new digital solution to healthcare providers, thereby increasing access to. Redwood City, California-based digital medicine company Proteus Digital Health has raised $50 million from undisclosed investors.
    These may however be used in an aqueous environment if stabilized.

    One can develop a pharmacodynamic model for the metabolism of the drug, and use the information from the receiver to essentially fit the free parameters in that model to give much more accurate estimation of the levels actually present in the serum of the subject.

    Such a device can take any of a number of forms.

    Low Profile Antenna for in Body Device Proteus Digital Health, Inc.

    Following this assessment, adjustments can be made accordingly. In certain embodiments the kits may also include a signal receiving element, or receiver, as reviewed above.

    images coconut proteus digital health
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    For example, where the driving power is 1.

    images coconut proteus digital health

    An ingestible event marker comprising: an ingestible identifier configured to emit a signal when activated at a target site, wherein the identifier comprises a signal generation element comprising an antenna; wherein the antenna has a first configuration prior to ingestion and a second configuration after ingestion; and wherein the antenna has a greater effective area when in the first configuration relative to the second configuration.

    The information in the portal provides insight that helps healthcare professionals determine the best treatment, using an easy-to-read printed report.

    images coconut proteus digital health

    As reviewed above, the signal may vary significantly. By treatment is meant at least an amelioration of the symptoms associated with the disease condition afflicting the subject, where amelioration is used in a broad sense to refer to at least a reduction in the magnitude of a parameter, e.

    images coconut proteus digital health

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    Proteus Digital Health, Inc. (Redwood City, CA, US) for example, liquid paraffin or fractionated coconut oil can be prepared and filled into a.

    USA1 Ingestible event marker systems Google Patents

    Keeping track of your health can be tough, especially when we're so busy. It's made by a company called Proteus Digital Health, and has a small computer. PROTEUS DIGITAL HEALTH Inc in edible oil, for example, liquid paraffin or fractionated coconut oil can be prepared and filled into a soft gelatin capsule.
    In certain embodiments, the electrode materials are cuprous iodine CuI or cuprous chloride CuCl as the cathode and magnesium Mg metal or magnesium alloy as the anode.

    For conductive transmission using electric field coupling, uninsulated metal contacts can have advantages.

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    Proteus Discover removes the guesswork around diagnosis and treatment by providing insight into patient health and medication effectiveness. Similarly, the number of cathodes and anodes in a given battery may vary greatly depending on the embodiment, e. At Proteus Digital Health, we are developing leading-edge technology that will revolutionize how healthcare is delivered.

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    images coconut proteus digital health
    In some embodiments, the chip, battery, and two electrodes can all be integrated into a single three dimensional assembly.

    Systems Also provided are systems that include the subject compositions.

    Mission Proteus Digital Health

    The identifier may generate a variety of different types of signals, including but not limited to: RF signals, magnetic signals, conductive near field signals, acoustic signals, etc. In some embodiments, the low profile antenna can have more than two transmission elements, such as three, or four, or more than four transmission elements. Photo by Jonah Comstock. In certain embodiments, electrode materials are chosen to provide for a voltage upon contact with the target physiological site, e.

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    1. For example, the event markers may be employed to track ingesting a pharmaceutical agent, where one co-administers the marker with the drug of interest.

    2. By stably associated is meant that the identifier and the dosage form do not separate from each other, at least until administered to the subject in need thereof, e.

    3. Also, if the transmitters are located at different depths in the pill, or coated with different substances, this can give valuable information. Edible gold and silver among other materials can be used for conductors and circuit printing.

    4. In another variation of this embodiment, a tablet without any cavity is first produced and then a cavity is produced in the tablet, e. Other configurations of interest include, but are not limited to, those described in PCT application serial no.