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images bexarenos definition of autonomy

Most of the original colonists viewed land as the key to economic security, precisely the way most Mexicans did, all the way into the twentieth century. In fact, they were not. For examples see ibidp. Francis S. But the tendency to speculate does seem more prevalent among the Anglo immigrants based on Montejano, and they undoubtedly arrived in Texas with far more experience in a commercial economy, particularly those who arrived following the wars. The majority were descended from the mixed race descendants of the European and the native populations of the islands. With the creation of a new political order, Tejano elites attempted to extend this definition of themselves to the entire Tejano community. See de la Teja, Revolution Rememberedp. Even as generations of Tejano leaders distanced themselves from the colonial past of Hispanic Texas and began to shed their ethnic exclusivity in the early twentieth century, out of self-defense they continued to cling to the idea that Mexicans were white.

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  • In developmental psychology and moral, political, and bioethical philosophy, autonomy is the capacity to make an informed, uncoerced decision. Autonomous organizations or institutions are independent or self-governing.

    images bexarenos definition of autonomy

    Autonomy can also be defined from a human resources perspective, where it. Moral autonomy, usually traced back to Kant, is the capacity to deliberate and .

    images bexarenos definition of autonomy

    in “Identification and Wholeheartedness” by defining a decisive commitment as. Definition of autonomy - the right or condition of self-government, (in Kantian moral philosophy) the capacity of an agent to act in accordance with object.
    They accepted their racial fiction, despite the fact that their notions of cultural superiority based on the privilege of birth and noble blood combined poorly with their own sensibilities, and despite the low esteem in which the Anglo world held Castilians.

    In practice, since the great majority of Tejanos have been designated by the greater Texas community as a racially distinct and inferior people. As they adapted to their shifting cultural climate, the Tejano elite of San Antonio developed a context-dependent notion of race. They now, in certain circumstances, acted as the representatives of the wider Texas Mexican community.

    See de la Teja, Revolution Rememberedp.

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    Weeks, Debatesp.

    images bexarenos definition of autonomy
    Although he filed most of these on behalf of friends and relatives, some Tejanos from outside the narrow group of San Antonio commercial elites benefited from the representation his presence in the legislature provided.

    NY: Cambridge UP, The question of race did not hinder these relations either personally or professionally. Since the s Tejano elites had assisted Anglo immigrants in the navigation of Mexican bureaucracy.

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    McDonald, David R.

    FROM AUTONOMY TO A CROSSROADS PROVINCE Early nineteenth-century San Most Bexareños of some means had small business dealings with. 7, 9, 14, 28, 49; and regional autonomy, 59; and Tejano elites, ; persistence of symbols of, 2; Anglo-American definition of, 5; and Bexareños.

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    ranching and farming interests among Bexarenos produced specific political concerns and A strong impulse for autonomy, based on the community's relative represented the interests of an ethnically defined Isleno group, but rather the.
    Where their countrymen saw security, these men saw the potential for profit. Translated by Charles Frank Schmidtp.

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    Their economic futures had severed them from their cultural past. McDonald, David R. He does not seem to have read the clause that he got so worked up about.

    Tejano commercial elites had no problem cooperating economically with Anglo empresarios or befriending them.

    Weeks, Debates,

    images bexarenos definition of autonomy
    Bexarenos definition of autonomy
    Matovina, eds. Tejano elites of San Antonio promoted the idea of Anglo immigration since Mexico won independence from Spain.

    images bexarenos definition of autonomy

    Weber, David. Anglos of the political and economic elite readily understood the ethnic distinctions that governed social interaction within the Tejano community. These writings, which have been collected and translated as Defending Mexican Valorhave been used to argue that Navarro was a true Tejano advocate who defended the noble qualities of the Tejano community in its entirety. Landa's Library Dr.

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    1. Tejanos have always been perceived in Texas as racially different from Anglos at the popular level.

    2. Debates of the Texas Convention. Tejano elites made this contradiction possible by claiming a racial designation that they did not fully possess.